is a very fast search engine for the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission board exam results. Utilizing an efficient search algorithm, the website can return the search results, the names of those who passed the board exams, instantly. The information in the official PRC website is indexed everytime a new set of board exam results is published on The online data available from PRC starts in 2003 only and seem to skip some data in 2005, 2006, and 2007. If the name is not on the PRC website, it will not get indexed. is maintained by, a technology firm based in Bohol, Philippines. It is not related to PRC in any way. ​ was created after the author got too frustrated looking for names of his friends who may have passed the board exams. The existing websites, both official and non-official, force you to go through a lot of clicks and scrolling before you can find the names you are looking for. The official PRC website was then indexed by the system behind and now you can search for the last, first and middle name or any combination of these fields and the search results come up instantly! Think of it as the Google of the PRC website. It does one thing only. But it does it very well! Send feedback to ——- is a free service and is not associated in any way to PRC. There are no guarantees whatsoever. Use at your own risk.