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    BAR Exam Passers 2013

    The Supreme Court of the Philippines has published the results of the BAR exams on March 18, 2014. The results are now indexed on PRCPassers.

    BAR Exam Passers October 2012

    source: SC Website The Supreme Court released today the results of the 2012 Bar Examinations, after meeting in a special en banc session. Nine hundred forty six (946) examinees out of a total of 5,343 bar takers passed, constituting 17.76% of the total examinees. An original 5,686 were admitted to take the bar but only 5,343 completed the four-Sunday examinations. This was announced by SC Associate Justice Martin S. Villarama, Jr., Chairperson of the 2012 Committee on the Bar Examinations during a press briefing at the Court premises today in Padre Faura Street, Manila. As per tradition, the names of the successful examinees who garnered the ten highest scores were also released. Top ten passers of the BAR examinations for October 2012 are as follows: 1 INGLES, Ignatius Michael D. ADMU 85.64% 2 KING KAY, Catherine Beatrice O. ADMU 84.72% 3 LACSON, April Carmela B. UP 84.48% 4 ROMUALDO, Xavier Jesus D. ADMU 84.10% 5 BASE, Maria Graciela D. UP 83.99% MACHUCA, Jose Maria Angel P. ADMU 83.99% 6 SALAZAR, Patrick Henry D. UP 83.71% 7 BARCELONA, Ralph Karlo B. Aquinas 83.43% 8 LLAMAS, Marvyn S. ADMU 83.29% 9 LI, Carlo Martin C. ADMU 83.27% 10 TIOPIANCO, Francis Paolo P. UP...

    2011 Bar Examination Results

    2011 Bar Examination Results 1,913 or 31.95% out of the 5,987 who took the 2011 Bar Examinations passed. The results were published on the Supreme Court website on February 29, 2012 at around 2PM. Top 10 Bar examinees are as follows: 1. ATADERO, RAOUL ANGELO D. ATENEO DE MLA 85.536% 2. BOLONG, LUZ DANIELLE O. ATENEO DE MLA 84.556% 3. RAFAL-ROBLE, CHERRY LIEZ O. ARELLANO UNIVERSITY 84.455% 4. BANAGA, ROSEMIL R. NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY 84.122% 5. GONZALES, CHRISTIAN LOUIE C. [UNIVERSITY OF STO. TOMAS] 84.093% 6. BANDAL, IVAN M. [SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY] 84.090% 7. ACOSTA, EIREENE XINA M. [SAN BEDA COLLEGE] 84.066% 8. QUA, IRENE MARIE P. [ATENEO DE MLA] 84.057% 9. LACEDA, ELAINE MARIE G. [FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY – DLSU] 84.040% 10. AQUINO, RODOLFO Q. [SAN BEDA COLLEGE]...